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The Mosaic Dispensation


A. It was interesting to note the various comments of different writers when writing about the various time periods of the Bible. Many divide God’s word into 7 or more different "dispensations," usually in order to get some special event or prophecy to fit an idea that the writer has.

B. Looking into the dictionary, we find several definitions for the word dispensation. Most deal with the administration or management of something rather than with a period of time. I believe it was Scofield who first used the idea of dispensation to refer to the arrangement of the time periods of the Bible. It is this definition that we are dealing with in this lesson.

C. But the place to start talking about the Mosaic Dispensation is, perhaps, in Genesis chapter 12.

I. The Promises To Abraham – Gen 12:1-7

A. I will make you a great nation – v. 2

1. Had no children at time

2. Went into Egypt as 70 people – Gen 46:27

a. During this time Moses was born

b. Lived and worked in Egypt and Midian

c. Chosen by God to lead the Israelite Nation

3. Came out over 600,000 – Exo 12:37

B. In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed – v. 3

1. Seed of woman – Gen 3:15

2. Obviously looking forward to Christ – 1 Jn 2:2; Gal 3:16

C. To your descendants I will give this land – v. 7

1. Fulfilled in Joshua

2. Only land promised to Christians is Heaven – Phil 3:20; Col 1:15; Heb 11:16

II. A Type Of New Covenant

A. Many regard Old Testament as history

1. To properly understand New Testament, must look to Old Testament – Lu 24:27; Jn 5:39

2. Gives us Gods dealings with man

B. Prophet like me - Deut 18:15; Acts 3:22; 7:37

C. Rom 5:14

1. Contrast

a. Adam brought sin and death

b. Christ brought freedom and life

2. Resemblance

a. Acts affected entire human race

b. Also the consequences of their acts

III. A Shadow of Thing To Come

A. A rough outline or sketch – Col 2:17

1. Gives general idea but not exact

2. Is a place to start

B. Ancient sacrifices were an imperfect representation – Heb 10:1

1. Could no more answer the purpose of saving the soul than the rough sketch which an architect makes would answer the purpose of a house

2. All they could do was convey some distant and obscure idea of what was to come

C. Tabernacle was copy of heaven – Heb 8:5

1. Made after a pattern

2. Tabernacle where priest served was a mere shadow of that which was real and substantial

3. Priest and their duties mere shadow of Christ – Heb. 9:1ff


A. The Mosaic time period was a time of preparation; preparation for the coming Messiah. We find that the nation of Israel served as the portal through which the Messiah was to enter the world.

B. Paul tells us that the laws of that period was for the purpose of bringing those who lived under it to the recognition of the Messiah when He came (Gal 3:24-25). It has served its purpose and thus is no longer needed.

C. Today, we have access to a law that is so much better, there really is no comparison.